“  Working with Walt was an amazing experience.  In the past, creative intent has been lost in translation between myself and the engineer.  It was imperative to me that my work be taken at face value and not by any book of rules or ‘how-to's’.  Walt was very malleable to the sound and intent behind WEREBEARS and able to step comfortably into my creative space.  He made that effort to understand where I was from moment to moment during the whole recording, mixing & mastering process.  Typically engineers do not share creative notions with the artist.  Producers are opposite, with their creative input being forced and entirely subjective.  Walt understands from the perspective of the artist and starts the project on common ground.  That opens up a conversation favor of creativity as opposed to one of technicality.  In a space where you're meant to be creative that's all you or anyone involved should be concerned about.  Working with Walt allowed for that and I think it shows in our now shared work.” -  Daryl Shelton (Werebears)
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