Check Out No Nets's video for "Lucky One"!


"I lost my mother just hours after I was born. I didn’t have many photos of her growing up, I didn’t know too much about her as a kid. As I got older my questions grew, so I started digging. When I was about 15 or so I found a box of mixtapes she had made, some old yearbooks, a few seconds of video footage. Each new discovery was met with a deep sadness, but an even greater feeling of wonder and excitement. Each token of hers left behind made her a bit more real, revealing something new about who I was and where I came from.

Her story is not something I talk about often. I’ve always felt a certain level of fear and guilt around burdening others with the information. Deciding to tell it through song feels a bit easier somehow. I knew making a video like this would put me in a vulnerable place, but on the other side of that fear was a chance to spend more time with this person I never knew. To be in her presence and feel a little bit of that wonder and possibility that I felt as a teenager rummaging through dusty boxes of her stuff. To tell her how much she means to me, paying tribute to the power of her love that I carry with me every day. To create something that would honor her and make sure she never died again." - Sal Mastrocola (No Nets) 

Filmed by Mary Perrino & Max Nepstad. Edited by Erin Bagwell. From the album "Bright Light", now available wherever you stream music.