Livewires Kicks Off Their Album Release at Arlene's Grocery!

From what we can hear online, Saddle Brook, NJ rockers Livewires are a tough band to pin down. Single 'Young Prayer' blends the blue power and sonic attack of pre-punk heroes The Stooges with some good old rock'n'roll guitar riff a la' Chuck Berry. But 'The Weight I'm Feeling' (streaming) paints a completely different picture, flirting with the poppier and more laid back side of the 60s. Either way, this sounds like summer music - play the driven tracks while you're dripping with sweat on your skateboard, risking your life in the middle of the NYC traffic, and tune in to the slower songs to recharge your battery for the next life threatening adventure. The quartet is set to release their debut album called 'Onfim Goes To War' on July 1st. You can also catch them live at Arlene's Grocery on 6/28 and Shea Stadium on 8/4. - Michael Haskoor of The Deli Magazine

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