Watch Echo Black's new video 'Dawn'!


Queer pop/rock band Echo Black has teamed up with AXS to bring you their latest music video “Dawn.” Directed by Chris Newhard, the clip features the band performing in elaborate outfits and makeup while dancers behind them perform intense choreography. The single is taken from their upcoming debut album, Dawn. Check out the video above.

Vocalist Danny Blu tells AXS about the video:

"We've turned a corner here. This song and video mark the start of a new era for Echo Black. And it humbles us every day to know that the fans helped us make this happen. We're extremely proud to present "Dawn," the first single off of our debut album of the same name. We worked with Walter Dicristina and Axel Otero on the recording and producing the song and we brought back Chris Newhard to bring it to its visual life.”

Danny Blu also expressed his excitement about the band’s upcoming plans. “We've been working on this for a very long time now and we're excited, anxious, and a little scared to release it all. New music, new videos, new tours; Echo Black has a lot planned. So we hope you enjoy the sound of the starter pistol as much as we enjoy pulling the trigger." -  Ashley Perez (AXS Contributor)

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"I lost my mother just hours after I was born. I didn’t have many photos of her growing up, I didn’t know too much about her as a kid. As I got older my questions grew, so I started digging. When I was about 15 or so I found a box of mixtapes she had made, some old yearbooks, a few seconds of video footage. Each new discovery was met with a deep sadness, but an even greater feeling of wonder and excitement. Each token of hers left behind made her a bit more real, revealing something new about who I was and where I came from.

Her story is not something I talk about often. I’ve always felt a certain level of fear and guilt around burdening others with the information. Deciding to tell it through song feels a bit easier somehow. I knew making a video like this would put me in a vulnerable place, but on the other side of that fear was a chance to spend more time with this person I never knew. To be in her presence and feel a little bit of that wonder and possibility that I felt as a teenager rummaging through dusty boxes of her stuff. To tell her how much she means to me, paying tribute to the power of her love that I carry with me every day. To create something that would honor her and make sure she never died again." - Sal Mastrocola (No Nets) 

Filmed by Mary Perrino & Max Nepstad. Edited by Erin Bagwell. From the album "Bright Light", now available wherever you stream music.