Emvy Music is a production company that provides the ultimate opportunity for your creativity to flourish. With an unprecedented level of dedication, Walt has constructed an environment that provides exceptional technical services in the form of production, songwriting, recording, mixing and mastering. By means of his natural ability to identify potential, Walt can align with the artistโ€™s vision and guide it into a tangible reality. Through his ties to the community, Walt has developed a close working relationship with several photographers, graphic designers, etc. who are prepared to help budding musicians develop marketing materials once they are ready to bring their production to the next level.

For Walt, what started as a childhood appreciation of music grew into an immense infatuation with sound. Since obtaining his degree in Audio Engineering, Walt has surrounded himself with people of similar passions. He has had the privilege of working with Jayson Michael DeZuzio (Coheed and Cambria, Cobra Starship) at Treehouse Studios in Jersey City, NJ and at Stained Glass Studios in Weehawken, NJ. With aspirations of sharing his knowledge with talented individuals to bring their dreams to life, Walt has spent the majority of the last ten years supporting and participating in the local New Jersey and Tri-State Area music scene. Over the past few years he had, also, been presented the opportunity to tour the country as a Victory Records recording artist. His work ethic, professionalism, and easy-going nature has earned him the trust, appreciation, loyalty and respect of many musicians and colleagues in his field. His experiences have evolved him into a talented engineer, songwriter, producer, and solo artist.

Emvy Music is where passionate souls come to build a dream. Where the true craft of music making comes alive. "Together, we are going to create something incredible."